Zauchensee in Salzburg in summer

Sustainability in Zauchensee

Delicious regional products from our own
Most of the local hotel operations have agricultural origins, which ensures that to this day many delicious local products have been produced. From fresh cow's milk and farm butter to high-quality meat from the pasture and excellent Schnapps and smoked products. In addition, the company Zauchensee Liftgesellschaft also invests in innovation to ensure that the fine mountain pasture soil can be provided again as soon as possible for summer grazing.
Sustainable handling of the alpine pastures
The management of the Zauchensee pastures is therefore not only a guarantee of quality in terms of food, but produces a low delivery mileage and a cleaner environment.
In general, the cable cars play a significant role in the careful maintenance of the landscape, since in addition to the commercial use of a healthy environment, they are also ultimately economical in terms of energy and efficient in terms of resources.
Environmentally friendly energy production with wood from the Zauchtal
Most of the operations that are members of the Zauchensee "Holiday Pearls" use environmentally friendly technologies that facilitate heat recovery or radiation reduction when operating electronic devices. Approximately 1500 tonnes of CO2 emissions alone are avoided through use of the jointly operated biomass heating plant. Wood, primarily from our valley, the Zauchtal, is utilised here as wood chips for environmentally friendly energy production.

Thus, we, as the district of Altenmarkt, are making an essential contribution to the binding targets of our membership in the "Salzburg 2050" Climate Alliance!
Your holiday in healthy, well-looked-after natural surroundings: that's what your hosts offer!